Yellow is associated with the power of our self-awareness as an individual and our link with the rest of humanity. The higher grades of yellow are also found in the wisdom that belongs to gold.

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Emotions and features are often associated with purple: deep relaxation, sense of strength, dignity and determination. Having the feeling that everything is under control. The color of mysticism, spirituality, the quest for personal and deeper meaning.

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Grey is a color that is the centre of opposite colors. The color is also created by mixing black and white. It’s a neutral shade, that thereby represents the neutral.

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Green enforces the awareness of that mysterious, inexplicable force behind everything in nature. This intuitive and artistic force is the strongest during spring because of the strong feeling of intimacy that new life brings.

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Emotions and qualities associated with (balanced) blue are: power, ideals, faith and trust in intuitive understanding, a refreshing and enlightening atmosphere that brings inspiration, peace and quiet and blocks routine. Blue promotes communication and self expression. Widens the eye and stimulates the feeling for art and music.

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Orange uses his force and power in a wise way, being an example to others. Orange and red-orange are associated with warmth, intensity, passion. It’s the color of sexuality, sensuality and desire.

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Summer Blue symbolizes heaven, space, peace. In combination with the white color of life-affirming, the ultimate color of light, symbol of purity, truth, innocence.

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